Numero Virtual Internacional

Did number

Reciba llamadas de números locales internacionales en más de 60 países y reenvíela a su teléfono fijo, celular, Gtalk, su proveedor VoIP o su IP PBX. Sin gastos de instalación. Sin contratos.

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  • Skype

    Skype Call Forwarding

    Skype is a software application that allows to make voice calls over the Internet.

  • GTalk

    Google Talk Call Forwarding

    Google Talk is a freeware web-based instant messaging and VoIP client application offered by Google Inc.

  • VoIP

    VoIP Call Forwarding

    VoIP (Voice over IP) is a home phone service over internet connection. It is a non-PSTN destination.

  • ITSP

    ITSP Call Forwarding

    Any of our virtual phone numbers can be forwarded to any of these Internet Telephony Service Providers.

  • ACF

    Advanced Call Forwarding

    PBXww is quickly and easily configured via web interface, with drag-and-drop objects being connected together to control exactly how the call progresses.

  • PSTN

    PSTN Call Forwarding Coverage

    Regular phone forwarding allows receiving calls to DID numbers on regular landline or mobile phones. No Internet, PC or VoIP services are required.

Virtual DID Number

In today’s busy world, it’s so important for you to be instantly in touch with those who are important to you – both at work and in your personal life. With a did2call virtual phone number, calls can be received, through our global presence, from local numbers in well over sixty key countries worldwide and then forwarded instantly to your preferred landline, mobile, Skype, Gtalk, VoIP or IP PBX destination.


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