Can I Send SMS from a did2call virtual Mobile Number?
No, did2call provides numbers for inbound calls only.

Does did2call Provide Callback? 
did2call does not provide call back services. 

Can I Use did2call Numbers for Receiving Faxes? 
Unfortunately, the DID numbers do not support fax usage.

What is a Channel? 
Channels define the number of simultaneous inbound calls that you can receive on a DID. Therefore if your DID includes two channels, then you are able to receive two inbound calls at the same time.

How Many Channels are Included when I Buy a DID? 
All DIDs are provided with two dedicated (non-shared) channels at no extra cost, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number. This is applicable to non-PSTN forwarding destinations only. If you wish to buy additional channels please contact us.

Why would I Need Multiple Channels per DID? 
If you are forwarding calls to a non-PSTN device such as VoIP, it is possible to have multiple concurrent incoming calls on the same number. Depending on your application, it may be desirable for you to have a single DID, but allow many calls to be placed to that number at any one time. For example, you may require that a certain DID number should be able to handle 10 simultaneous incoming calls. In this case, you would need 10 dedicated (non-shared) channels for this number.

Can I Buy Additional Channels for my DIDs? 
All DIDs are provided with two dedicated (non-shared) channels. Additional channels may be purchased as required, depending on the country in which the local telephone number has been procured.